The Challenge

The primary focus of this project was to create a new logo that is fresh, sophisticated and portrays Lindsay O Creative as a technically focused designer, not as a decorator. The new logo should resonate as a brand, not as Lindsay herself.

Target Audience

Primary Target: Families
Couples in their 40s with children are in elementary school. Their current home is not their first home.

Alternative Target: Empty Nesters
Couples who place a high value on family and want a space where their family wants to visit and gather together.


Logo Design // Identity Design

Brand Identity


Mood Board


The Logo

The Lindsay O Creative logo is a monogram of a prominent “L” and subtle “O.” It’s a modern progression from the previous circular “LO” logo. The inspiration for the logo comes from Lindsay’s elegant geometric style. The monogram is fresh and unique with a form, particularly the serifs, that portray sophistication and technical design, a key element of the brand. It mimics a frame (to display work), space (the function well design spaces), and gathering (as three chairs gathered around a circular table).

The typography is a widely set sans serif in all caps inspired by the practical application of designers always using all caps in technical notes and drawings.