Fairmount Home is an accredited long-term care home owned and operated by the County of Frontenac.

The Challenge

Fairmount Home is a long-term care home serving Kingston and Frontenac County since 1968. Fairmount Home is run and operated by the County of Frontenac who recently underwent a major rebrand. The existing visual identity for Fairmount was tightly based on the previous Frontenac identity which is no longer in use. Fairmount decided to update their own identity in time for their 50th anniversary and to breathe new life into their updated strategic plan and their brand.


Positioning // Brand Story // Brand Identity // Motion Graphics // Launch Collateral // Signage

Brand Strategy

Guided by the Gentlecare® philosophy, Fairmount Home provides exceptional resident-centred quality care in a safe, respectful and compassionate home.

Brand Idea

Gentlecare®. It is at the core of all that we do.

Gentlecare® means remembering that each of our residents brings their own life experiences and care should be shaped to reflect the individual and their wishes. It means looking beyond the tasks we must do to see the grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, sister or brother. To listen to the stories, to share a laugh and even a tear. It is about embracing the moments and cherishing those we care for as well as each other.

Gentlecare®. We live it and breathe it. Together. Because it takes a community to care as deeply as we do each and every day.

Core Themes


A devotion to nurture and care for others.


Each resident is unique and brings their own life experiences. They are empowered to make individual choices.


Inclusion and collaboration. Together we are able to care as deeply as we do every day.


At the core of everything we do.

Brand Identity


The Fairmount identity is shaped by individuals coming together.
That is Gentlecare®.


Understanding the Logo


The logo has several elements that tell the story of Fairmount.

Caring—The Heart

The most obvious element of the logo is a heart that speaks to the devotion to nurture and care for others as well as each other.

Individuals—Two Thumbprints

A thumbprint is unique to each person. It’s one of the physical traits that distinguish one person from another. In the same way, each resident is unique and brings their own life experience. Not only that, they are empowered to make individual choices at Fairmount Home.

Community—Intersecting Shapes

Fairmount Home thrives on inclusion and collaboration. Residents are included making decisions that affect the life and routine of the resident. Collaboration is important among administration, medical staff, volunteers, families and the residents. Together we are able to care as deeply as we do every day.


The Gentlecare® philosophy is at the core of everything Fairmount Home does. The Gentlecare® logo is a butterfly symbolic of how delicate life is and how each decision and action has an impact.


The main lettering style has a friendly, gentle vibe that helps to emphasize the brand attributes. The typeface is borrowed from the Frontenac brand to give a nod to the relationship with Frontenac County, but with a much more gentle approach to the styling.


The three primary colours also give a nod to the rural environment and to the Frontenac brand, but the specific shade of blue and green remain unique to Fairmount. The green represents the lives of residents. The turquoise represents the care of medical staff. The blue is the colour that is created when these two colours come together representing the collaborative environment.

Brand Story Animation


Project Credits

Creative Director: Jon Allison, Backcountry
Brand Strategist: Kathleen Vollebregt, Avenue Strategy
Identity Designer: Jon Allison, Backcountry
Motion Graphics: Tara Pelow, Morewood Design
Copywriter (Animation): Charles Blackwell