Backcountry guides brands through uncharted territory to help them develop memorable visual identities.

But we’re not just another full-service agency. Our collaborative team of specialists build robust identity systems that provide visual consistency and flexibility to fuel recognition and amplify differentiation.

We Are Brand Guides

Our Story

Adventure is a bold, exciting and sometimes daring undertaking. The same can be said for building a brand’s identity. It takes experience, planning and a keen sense of direction to create lasting identities that survive out in the real world.

Backcountry’s experienced guides supply brands with the strategy and tools to build a memorable identity, because your brand’s survival is based on how it lives in the real world and holds up with each customer experience.

After the adventure, we leave brands with their very own survival guide. It’s designed to ensure you can maintain brand consistency across multiple touchpoints, long after we’re gone.

Our Name

The great outdoors offers limitless exploration, yet so many favour the comfort of subdivisions and highways. Adventure is sometimes uncertain, but it is always rewarding. The adventurer’s spirit has influenced both Backcountry’s aesthetic and approach, and for those who desire something greater than the branding equivalent of subdivisions, our guides will help you navigate the road less travelled while building a meaningful and memorable identity.

Our Core Values


We believe in the unending exploration of the next great idea.


We believe there should be a reasoning behind every decision. Design is not random, but always purposeful.

No Shortcuts

We believe the journey impacts the results. There are no shortcuts.


We believe great work comes from skilled specialists, not generalists, and that collaborative teams produce the most effective results.


The Backcountry Guides

Backcountry operates as a collaborative branding studio. Founder & Creative Director, Jon Allison, assembles the teams and ensures his Guides have the necessary provisions to make each project a success. This model keeps us nimble and effective.


Jon Allison RGD

Founder & Creative Director

As the only full-time member of Backcountry, I choose to keep things simple, because this strategy gives me the ability to apply only the best resources to the task at hand.

I am an award-winning designer and an outdoor enthusiast, and my approach to design is undoubtedly influenced by the great Canadian landscape. Just as the perfect sunrise can transcend language, so too can smart design when it is the right choice, for the right audience.

Select Collaborators

Kathleen Vollebregt

Brand Strategist & Researcher

Rob Howard

Brand Strategist & Audience Engagement Engineer

Charles Blackwell


Aryn Kalson-Sperandio

Copywriter & Content Strategist

Suzy Lamont


Braden Dragomir

Storyteller & Film Director
Start Your Adventure


Backcountry is part of a global community of marketing experts called Communo. Having access to this vetted group enables us to quickly scale our services to meet clients’ evolving needs. The Communo operating model provides inroads to all the resources of a large-scale agency, at a fraction of the cost and typical red tape.



Working with remarkable clients is the most rewarding part of what we do. However, it is also encouraging to receive recognition from others.


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LogoLounge Book 11: Fairmount Home
LogoLounge Book 11: Graphite Bible Camp
LogoLounge Book 11: Oak Ridge Hunt Camp
Applied Arts Community Awards—Logo Design: Settlers Cider Co.
Applied Arts Community Awards—Print Design: Frontenac Greeting Card
LogoLounge Book 10: Youth Diversion
LogoLounge Book 10: Bloom
Applied Arts Community Awards—Brand Identity: Frontenac County
Marketing Canada Awards—Best Brand Identity: Frontenac County


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